UAB Juodeliai headquarters moved from Marijampolė to Kaunas

In the middle of this summer, UAB Juodeliai moved its administration from Marijampolė, where it has been since the company was founded, to Kaunas. In changing the location of the headquarters, UAB Juodeliai, which is one of the leading producers of wooden pallets in Europe, plans to expand the team and attract specialists from Lithuania’s major cities. It is also expected that the new office’s modern and comfortable working environment will create more space for productive work. Covering four stories and almost 1,200 m2 of floor space, the office has more than 60 workplaces.

In order to celebrate the move, UAB Juodeliai held an office opening event and invited its own staff as well as employees from the other companies that are part of the TMV Capital Group.

Photos from the event:

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