JUODELIAI produces high-quality wooden pallet blanks, made from both softwood and hardwood. The company offers natural humidity, anti-stain treatment and drying services based on client preferences. Monthly output production volumes reach 55000 m3.


Softwood pallet blanks


(mixed pine and spruce)

Hardwood wooden pallet blanks


(mixed birch, alder and aspen)

Wooden pallet blanks production


In accordance with special requirements, JUODELIAI can produce non-standard type I, II, and III pallet blanks:


from 12 mm
up to 200 mm


from 60 mm
up to 200 mm


from 800 mm
up to 3100 mm

Lumber grading rules

We offer three quality levels of wood production:

Grade 1

Material under this grading is sharp-edged, no blue stains, no worm holes, no falling knots.

Grade 2

Material under this grading contains wanes (up to 66% of thickness and width), no bark allowed, material can come with blue stains or worm holes.

Grade 3

Material under this grading contains deep wanes (but the board should maintain its thickness and width throughout), and can come with bark, blue stains, and wormholes.


JUODELIAI sells boards and pallet components that are freshly cut and have natural humidity. At the customer's request, the company performs a drying service and supplies dried boards:

  • Anti-Stain Treatment (AST)

    To keep wood clean and avoid mold during transportation, we offer AST. This is a year-round service, using successful technology with over ten years of experience.

  • Kiln-Drying (KD)

    The moisture content can be changed to match the client’s requirements from 8% to 20%.

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