UAB Juodeliai participated at Dubai WoodShow 2024: Cutting-Edge Booth, Massive Attendance and Client Interactions

UAB Juodeliai, a prominent manufacturer of wooden pallet components in Europe, made its fifth appearance at the wood industry exhibition Dubai WoodShow held on 5–7 March. The 20th anniversary edition of one of the world’s premier wood sector events in Dubai once again drew in hundreds of participants and thousands of visitors this year.

Organisers of Dubai WoodShow 2024 reported that 682 participants from 132 countries presented their products and services at the event, held at the Dubai World Trade Centre in Dubai, the largest city in United Arab Emirates. In order to gain insights into the wood industry, its products, alternative materials and innovations, as well as to network with representatives from diverse countries, the exhibition attracted a total of 14,581 visitors.

The visitors were encouraged to explore the products manufactured by UAB Juodeliai at their vibrant and contemporary booth. At the booth, visitors had the opportunity to view product samples and also to experience a high-level overview of the manufacturing process at the Marijampolė production unit using virtual reality goggles.

Participating representatives from UAB Juodeliai highlighted that the Dubai WoodShow 2024 served as a platform not only to engage with existing clients but also to forge new business connections with prospective customers hailing from diverse countries across the globe. At present, the company is exporting 89% of its products to 41 countries spanning Europe, Asia, the USA and North Africa.

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