UAB Juodeliai Awarded Certificate Under SURE Scheme

In February, UAB Juodeliai, a prominent manufacturer of wooden pallet components in Europe, voluntarily underwent the certification process under the SURE scheme. The certificate obtained confirms that the by-products – wood chips, sawdust and bark – produced during manufacturing at UAB Juodeliai meet the sustainability criteria specified in the European Union’s (EU) RED II Directive and are suitable for biofuel production.

The SURE certification scheme, officially acknowledged by the European Commission as a voluntary initiative, aims to certify the sustainable use of biomass in electricity or heat production, spanning the entire supply chain.

The SURE certificate granted to UAB Juodeliai verifies that the by-products generated in their production process, suitable for biofuel production, comply with the requirements outlined in the RED II Directive, ensuring these by-products are not artificially created or mixed with other biomass, and their production does not contribute to additional greenhouse gas emissions.

UAB Juodeliai obtained certification from the global certification and inspection company Bureau Veritas, meeting the requirements of the SURE scheme.

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