Going forward, UAB Juodeliai will receive IT consultancy from UAB TMV Competence center and will benefit from their expertise in implementing the latest technologies

UAB TMV Capital, a rapidly developing group of companies that holds ownership of UAB Juodeliai, has recently founded an IT competence centre called UAB TMV Competence center during the spring season of this year.

The establishment of the IT competence centre was driven by the objective of digitalising the business processes within the group of companies, enhancing operational efficiency, increasing productivity, and reinforcing the competitive advantage of the companies. The IT competence centre will assume centralised management of all processes that support and develop IT functions.

The establishment of the IT competence centre led to a restructuring of the IT departments in all the companies within the group, including UAB Juodeliai. Moving forward, the newly established competence centre will be responsible for managing all of the company’s IT matters. TMV Competence center is now headed by Nerijus Kemežys, an experienced IT professional with extensive international expertise. Along with his team, he has been entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing the IT development of UAB Juodeliai and other companies within the group, as well as driving the modernisation of business processes.

Following the reorganisation of the IT department of UAB Juodeliai, the wood processing company has chosen to retain IT administrators for handling day-to-day matters, while offering other IT professionals employed in the company the opportunity to join the newly established TMV Competence center team. Furthermore, the IT competence centre has plans to recruit exceptionally qualified IT specialists from various disciplines to become part of its team, encompassing software developers, IT engineers, architects, data analysts, project managers, and other professionals keen on advancing their careers.

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