Purchase of conifer and leaf-bearing wood round timber

UAB Juodeliai purchases conifer and leaf-bearing wood round timber at competitive prices all year round. The round timber offered for purchase should meet the following general requirements:

  1. Wood type: E (fir), P (pine), B (birch), J (black alder), D (aspen), L (linden), etc.;
  2. Log diameter at the top-end and the butt-end, in cm: at Akmenynai workshop: 14 and 32, at Jūrė workshop: 14 and 28, at Radviliškis workshop: 14 and 50;
  3. Rot free;
  4. Crack free, with branches properly pruned off;
  5. Deadwood must be free of blue patches and longitudinal cracks;
  6. Allowable single curvature up to 5%;
  7. Without double curvature;
  8. Log length: at Akmenynai and Jūrė workshops: 2.4 m, at Radviliškis workshop: 2.4 m, 4.8 m. At least 7 cm overlap for the specified lengths. Other lengths are possible, however, on a basis of a separate agreement;
  9. Branchiness is allowed only for properly trimmed logs (length up to 2cm). Only healthy, non-falling branches;
  10. Logs with previous and existing double crotch are not accepted;
  11. Metal and other solid material impurities are not allowed;
  12. The thick-end diameter of the butt log cannot exceed the maximum allowable diameter at the thick-end and must not have a stump;
  13. The seller must provide all documents on the purchase of wood (documents proving the ownership, permission to cut the forest (a certified copy)), and indicate the contractor.

Facility “Akmenynai”
Akmenynų km., LT-69300,
Kalvarijos sav., Lithuania
Coordinates 54.409841,23.093817 Map

Facility “Jure”
Medelyno str. 4, LT–69446 Jūrės km.,
Kazlų Rūdos sav., Lithuania
Coordinates 54.767919,23.485873 Map

Facility “Radviliskio”
S. Dariaus ir S. Girėno 119, LT-82141,
Radviliškis, Radviliškio r. sav., Lithuania
Coordinates 55.821465,23.517587 Map


Head of Raw Material Supply Department
Kristina Kinderienė vCard
Mob.: (+370) 620 56848
E-mail: k.kinderiene@juodeliai.lt

Company UAB Juodeliai has created a complaint system which allows recording every mismatch of controllable timber. Please send your complaints regarding the supply of controllable raw material to the following address: k.kinderiene@juodeliai.lt