14/08/2019 /  UAB Juodeliai became an official sponsor for MO museum

MO museum, one of the most innovative Lithuanian museums and the first private visual art museum of that scale, opened up in Vilnius almost a year ago. The museum building designed by Daniel Libeskind is dedicated to housing a collection of over 5 000 pieces of Lithuanian art. The collection that has been stored since 2008 is now comprised of 5 000 pieces of modern and contemporary art. This collection is the Lithuanian art gold fund that has been compiled since 1950′s to this day.

It only took three months for MO museum to be nominated as the Event of the Year and win several awards in 2019. MO museum encouraged people to visit Lithuanian museums more frequently and made the concept of quality recreation and slow museum-time popular. The museum aims at de-elitizing art by making it comprehensible and accessible to different social groups.

MO museum presented a great opportunity to wood processing company UAB Juodeliai to contribute to fostering contemporary art. We are happy to be the official museum sponsor and to be able to encourage the public to take interest in art.

17/07/2019 /  UAB Juodeliai – American development strategy for the US market

The wood processing company UAB Juodeliai has won the selection procedure and was awarded the opportunity to cooperate with the world-class business school – UCLA Anderson School of Management. The prestigious programme of one of the best-known business schools in the world last year had involved 40 companies worldwide seeking to enter the US market. For the first time in history the candidate list included 4 Lithuanian companies. This year UAB Juodeliai has been selected to participate in an similar programme.

In the programme of this business school that ranks 18th in the 2018 Bloomberg Businessweek Best B-Schools global ranking, MBA student teams shall be performing an extensive US market analysis surveying 125–150 potential clients, market experts, distributors and shall attend 3–4 expositions. Based on their results the companies shall be given individual strategic business plans with specific recommendations on business development in the US market.

The first visit to the UCLA Anderson School of Management is planned in July this year. Two employees of UAB Juodeliai will be going to the US to visit the school. After the first meeting in the US, a student group assigned for the company shall be visiting Lithuania to see UAB Juodeliai production divisions and the final visit is to be organised in December this year in the US.

12/06/2019 /  UAB Juodeliai participated in a mass run We Run for Marijampolė 2019

Marijampolė song festival held this weekend culminated in the We Run Marijampolė 2019 event organised for the 6th time in a row. Each year this festival attracts an increasing number of participants choosing to promote and to pay their respects to the city and to attend active celebration of Marijampolė city days. Employees of the wood processing company UAB Juodeliai this year once again actively participated in the mass run.

All contestants were awarded with exceptional design forged medals carrying the main slogan of the year “The name of Freedom is Marijampolė”. The smallest participants were also paid special attention. Each child who succeeded to run a 500 m distance was awarded with a medal and sponsored gifts.

As each year, UAB Juodeliai was one of the most-represented organisations in the event and thus contributed to the beautification of Marijampolė city (every year, the part of the collected funds that was not used for the organisation of the run is allocated to the beautification of the city and improvement of sports arenas). Over 30 UAB Juodeliai employees and their family members successfully completed the run in several different categories.

Despite the fact that this year UAB Juodeliai employees did not win any prizes, they managed to stay in good spirits and have fun. You can see some key moments of the Run in a picture gallery.

29/05/2019 /  UAB Juodeliai to launch LEAN management system implementation project

On 13 April 2019 the team of wood processing company UAB Juodeliai took an important step: they participated in a LEAN introductory training and initiated a two-year project for the implementation of the LEAN management system. The training was attended by 40 company employees of the senior and middle management and administration staff. Later stages of the project are expected to include a maximum number of production level employees.

The two-year project shall be implemented in stages. During each stage the employees shall be trained on different Lean methods and tools: 5S, Kaizen, PDCA, Standardized work, SMED, TPM, Kanban, Hoshin Kanri and other tools and methods to be introduced into the company’s daily activities. Since incidental application of these methods often bears no tangible results, they must be applied in a systemic and consistent manner.

During the project implementation UAB Juodeliai is to cooperate with the largest Lean-implementing company in Lithuania (Honsha partner). This company successfully aided such companies as UAB Girteka Logistics, UAB Vičiūnų Grupė, UAB Vilniaus duona and many others.

We believe that upon the completion of this project the company shall have an internal improvement culture based on reduced utilisation of resources, and elimination or reduction of processes that generate no value to the client or the company, which in turn will create greater value to the client and increase the company’s competitive advantage.

09/05/2019 /  UAB Juodeliai team participated in the National Forest Planting

On 17 April this year, the employees of the wood processing company UAB Juodeliai and their family members participated in the national forest planting event held in the State Forest Enterprise, Regional Division of Kazlų Rūda – National Forest Planting 2019.

National Forest Planting is a forest planting celebration that has been jointly organised by the Ministry of Environment and the State Forest Enterprise for several years in a row. The event is intended for promoting collective efforts of the public and foresters to preserve the forest and to safeguard the legacy for future generations.

25 employees and their family members joined the initiative. Even the smallest ones, children of the company employees, contributed to the cause. Forester Mr. Kazakevičius revealed the secrets of tree planting and supervised the entire planting process. 1 000 spruce seedlings were prepared, but the company employees exceeded the expectations by planting 1 700 seedlings. A commemorative plaque for UAB Juodeliai was built in the forested area, and the tired but happy UAB Juodeliai team who contributed to the noble goal of reforestation and nature conservation took a picture next to it.