Purchase of conifer and leaf-bearing wood round timber

UAB Juodeliai purchases conifer and leaf-bearing wood round timber at competitive prices all year round. The round timber offered for purchase should meet the following general requirements:

  1. Without double curvature;
  2. The thin-end diameter of the debarked log; from 14 cm to 55 cm*;
  3. Single curvature; up to 5%;
  4. Rot free;
  5. Tree species; E (spruce), P (pine), B (birch), J (black alder), D (aspen); L (linden);
  6. Cohesion coefficient: conifer wood – 0.62 and leaf-bearing wood – 0.60;
  7. Length; 2.4 m., + 3 m., 4,8 m (+7 cm Overlay)*;
  8. Crack free, with branches properly pruned off;
  9. Branches are allowed on properly pruned logs only (length up to 2 cm);
  10. Branches must be firmly attached to the log;
  11. Deadwood must be free of blue patches and longitudinal cracks;
  12. Metal and other solid material impurities are not allowed;
  13. The thick-end diameter of the butt log cannot exceed the maximum allowable diameter at the thick-end and must not have a stump;
  14. Logs with previous and existing double crotch are not accepted;
  15. The seller must provide all the required documents for timber (documents proving ownership, a logging permit (an approved copy)).
* Arrangement is necessary before providing wood.

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Kalvarijos sav., Lithuania
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Head of Raw Material Supply Department
Tadas Zimnickas vCard
Mob.: (+370) 620 56848
E-mail: t.zimnickas@juodeliai.lt

Company UAB Juodeliai has created a complaint system which allows recording every mismatch of controllable timber. Please send your complaints regarding the supply of controllable raw material to the following address: t.zimnickas@juodeliai.lt