25/03/2016 /  Following the existing tradition UAB Juodeliai participated in Career Days

In March of this year wood-processing company UAB Juodeliai actively participated in the Career Days of both Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) and Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VGTU).

On March 1, Kaunas University of Technology invited students, alumni and employers to the largest students‘ and companies‘ contact fair in the Baltic States Career Days 2016 of KTU. More than 120 companies and organizations set up their pavillions and stands in the Career Days, and more than 7 thousand students, alumni and schoolchildren visited them. Following the existing tradition wood-processing company UAB Juodeliai participated in the event for the fifth year in a row.

The sponsor of KTU Career Days Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius visited the stand of our company after the official opening of the event. In summer of 2015 the Prime Minister visited the manufacturing facility of UAB Juodeliai in Radviliškis, so the moments of that visit were remembered during the meeting.

UAB Juodeliai participated in the Career Days of VGTU on 17 March for the second time. Representatives of the companies were welcomed in the main building of VGTU by the performance of the Orchestra of the Lithuanian Army, which set the mood and gave a good start for the contacts fair. Our stand attracted a considerable crowd of students and alumni this year as well.

Career contact fairs are organized by the schools of higher education all over the world. This alternative for the traditional way of job search gives an opportunity for a young person to find a work or training place „here and now“ – simply by approaching the employer at the stand and offering one‘s candidacy.

Representatives of UAB Juodeliai who participate in contact fairs not only look for employees and trainees, but also introduce students to the activities of the company and the future perspectives. Participation this year was also productive. There were several hundred student contacts obtained, which will help the growing company fill the available work places faster with new specialist.

07/03/2016 /  Young People Interested in Job Opportunities at UAB Juodeliai

In February, Radviliškis Production facility of the UAB Juodeliai, a wood processing company, attracted some young visitors. This event took place on the initiative from Radviliškis Youth School. Each year the School holds an event named Career Days. Within the framework of this event, young people arrived at the Production facility of our company, UAB Juodeliai.

It is known that the School above differentiates its activity among young students, adapting type of events to the age of students. This was the case in February. The students from higher classes went to meet representatives of the Radviliškis Centre for Technology and Business Training and Centre for Vocational Training. On the second day, everybody was invited to take a closer look at different professions. The boys from higher classes visited the Production facility of UAB Juodeliai. This time they got familiarized themselves with professions of wood working machinist and tool sharpener not from stories told by others. Organizing of such events helps young students to orient themselves in a huge field of career possibilities. To choose the career successfully one needs to know what are learning directions, future professions and working activities. Somebody must deliver this knowledge to young people.

Job opportunities at UAB Juodeliai were presented also within the framework of Career Days held on March 1st by Kaunas University of Technology. The nearest event on such kind will be held on March 17th within Career Days of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University. We believe that news about young people careers will always attract our young readers.

04/03/2016 /  Awarded: Most Advanced Knowledge-Driven Enterprises

This year, on the 26th day of February, the Knowledge-Based Economy Enterprise title award ceremony took place. This is a comparatively old tradition in Lithuania: elections have been held for the twelfth time and, accordingly, celebrations. More than 50 Lithuania‘s enterprises and personalities contributing to improvement in the ecosystem through innovations have been competing in order to be awarded a title of the most advanced Knowledge-Based Economy Enterprise in the sectors of high technologies, traditional industry and service provision.

A competent Evaluation Committee elected the awardees. The Committee consisted of knowledge-based economy experts and business leaders, while her Excellency Ms. Dalia Grybauskaitė, President of the Republic of Lithuania, presented the awards.

To our delight, UAB Juodeliai, a wood processing company, which participated for the first time in such a competition, appeared on the final shortlist. We appreciate it very much indeed!

22/02/2016 /  Annual Audit for FSC® Chain of Custody Compliance at UAB Juodeliai, Successfully Completed

On February 4th and 5th 2016, at UAB Juodeliai, a wood processing company, an annual surveillance audit to verify continued compliance with Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) Chain of Custody certification requirements was conducted. The aim of this audit is to evaluate compliance of company‘s activity and processes with FSC® standard requirements. The annual surveillance audit was conducted by UAB NEPCon Lt an FSC international certification body.

During the course of the audit, a representative of the UAB NEPCon Lt visited the headquarters of UAB Juodeliai in Marijampolė and production units and communicated with company‘s employees and partners. The auditor positively evaluated company‘s responsible approach and commitment against FSC® standard requirements, continuous improvement in activity processes in order to achieve objectives set for quality, environment protection, work safety and sustainable use of wood.

Upon completion of the annual audit, we would like to emphasize that we appreciate very much both the positive evaluation presented by UAB NEPCon Lt, auditor and useful comments and recommendations received. They encourage us to go further while improving our activity and obligate to pursue higher quality standards, seek leadership in terms of innovations and consistently perform environmentally sound and sustainable activity.

04/02/2016 /  UAB Juodeliai – Among Fastest Growing Companies in 2011 – 2014

In order to encourage the competitiveness between small and medium businesses the “Verslo žinios” daily for already 12th year in a row has promoted a special international project – a competition among the fastest growing enterprises named “Gazelle”. UAB Juodeliai, a wood processing company, was included into the “Gazelle 2015” list of nominees as well.

On January 29 of this year, during the final festive event, 10 enterprises from all regions were awarded the title of a fastest growing enterprise. And, of course, the “Gazelle 2015” of the Republic of Lithuania was elected. Her Excellency Ms. Dalia Grybauskaitė, President of the Republic of Lithuania, congratulated the enterprises that had exhibited exceptionally rapid growth in 2011 – 2014. In her congratulating speech, the leader of our country especially emphasized the importance of implementation of innovations.

The “Gazelle” label, awarded for company‘s fast growth, flexibility and profitability has already become a synonym for quality in both Lithuania and abroad. The number of rapidly growing enterprises is increasing in Lithuania, therefore the project promoted by “Verslo žinios” has witnessed a record number of participants. 4 042 enterprises have joined competition for the “Gazelle 2015” title. The number of participants in 2014 has been exceeded by one thousand, which demonstrated increase in business community strength and maturity. All these “gazelles”, including UAB Juodeliai, have demonstrated an enviable speed of turnover increase. The wood processing company UAB Juodeliai, was nominated in “Gazelle 2012” competition as a fastest growing company in Marijampolė County, while in 2013 and 2015 it was also present on the list of nominees.