19/09/2016 /  Certification of the Integrated Management System of UAB Juodeliai Successfully Extended

On 5 September 2016, an annual surveillance audit of the integrated management system of the wood processing company UAB Juodeliai was carried out. The objective of the audit was to evaluate the compliance of the integrated management system with the requirements of international quality, environmental, and occupational health and safety (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001) standards, and to identify possible directions for the improvement of the management system.

The surveillance audit was carried out by a long-term partner of UAB Juodeliai, the international certification company Bureau Veritas. Upon visiting the company’s central office, and the production units in Jūrė and Radviliškis, the auditors have not found any cases of non-compliance.

In the course of the audit, the following strengths of the quality, environmental, and occupational health and safety management system have been highlighted: attitude of the management, making the importance of understanding of the clients’ needs clear to all employees, competence of the staff, and continuous improvement of the system.

A positive evaluation by the auditors encourages the company to continue analysing the clients’ needs and expectations, improve the efficiency of business processes, identify risks and opportunities of processes while implementing the latest, internationally accepted, standards of the quality management and environmental management systems, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

01/09/2016 /  UAB Juodeliai traditionally congratulates the children of the company’s employees on their first day of school

UAB Juodeliai wood processing company follows a beautiful tradition of congratulating all the school-age children of the company’s employees on their first day of school by giving symbolic gifts, while the most diligent pupils also receive a monetary award.

This year, on the 1st September more than 150 school-age children of the company’s employees are starting the new school year. In order to make this new beginning more meaningful, the children received books based on their age (pre-schoolers, school-aged, students). We have also provided for their safety by giving safety reflectors to both the young and the older ones.

This is the third consecutive year that Juodeliai & Co Donations and Sponsorship Foundation has granted monetary awards to the most diligent children of grades 5-12. Based on their results in 2015-2016, this year monetary awards were granted to the three best pupils with an overall score higher than 9.

UAB Juodeliai congratulates all the pupils and students on their first day of school and wishes them an excellent school year.

12/08/2016 /  UAB Juodeliai to contribute to the target funding of the Wood Science and Trade programme of studies

On 26 July of this year Aleksandras Stulginskis University hosted the screening of candidates for the target funding places of studies. The target funding of studies is allocated for specific high schools and programmes of studies with regard to the high demand of specialists in certain fields.

Upon the allocation of this type of funding, a standard contract is not only signed between the student and the higher school, but also a trilateral agreement between the student, the employer undertaking to employ the student for at least three years after the studies, and the University guaranteeing the education. Aleksandras Stulginskis University received 98 places of which 6 places are for the target studies in the specialisation of Wood Science and Trade.

Wood processing company UAB Juodeliai contributed to the target funding of the Wood Science and Trade programme of studies. The representative of this company took part in the motivational interviews with eligible students and made a final decision on signing the contract in which UAB Juodeliai committed not only to fund 20% of the price of studies of a chosen student (the remaining 80% of the studies is funded by the state), but, upon completion of studies, to employ the student in the company. Through participation in such type of projects, the company supports education and preparation of professionals that will be needed for our company in its operations and future expansion.

15/07/2016 /  UAB Juodeliai participates in demonstrational-educational project of Christmas-tree and ornamental-plant farm

For the first time in Lithuania, a demonstrational-educational farm of Christmas trees and ornamental plants will be established in collaboration between three institutions: Kaunas College of Forestry and Environmental Engineering, Dubrava Experimental-Training Forest Enterprise and wood processing company UAB Juodeliai.

By signing a collaboration agreement the contracting parties confirm their joint attitude to cooperate in the Christmas tree business, deepen students’ knowledge, share available experience and, when possible, implement and help to implement joint projects, thus forming and strengthening the entrepreneurial skills of the students of Kaunas College of Forestry and Environmental Engineering.

The students of Kaunas College of Forestry and Environmental Engineering are not new to working in such an environment. Every year some of the students visit the Danish Christmas tree farm to work and do their internships there. This project will allow the college students to go on such internships in their home country and learn the basics of how to organize the Christmas tree business, integrating the business management and finance disciplines.

UAB Juodeliai is proud to contribute to the development of future professionals and their entrepreneurship in the forestry industry, and is happy to be able to participate in the unique collaboration project between the business and academic communities.

15/07/2016 /  UAB Juodeliai has started a collaboration with Kaunas College of Forestry and Environmental Engineering

Understanding the importance of science, development and education in the life of a young person and seeking to develop a new generation of future employees, wood processing company UAB Juodeliai with the charity and support foundation of “Juodeliai & Co” is constantly looking for partners in the academic community.

At the beginning of this year the company signed a collaboration agreement with Kaunas College of Forestry and Environmental Engineering whereby the main goal is to encourage students to seek great academic results, participate in various practical activities and scientific research, create and implement joint research projects and programmes, organize scientific conferences and seminars.

In accordance with the agreement, during this year’s graduation ceremony on 28 June one of the students of the Wood Processing specialization whose final thesis had achieved the best result was awarded by UAB Juodeliai with a one – time scholarship. This year’s crop of students was the first to receive diplomas of this specialization because the programme had only been accredited three years ago.

The Wood Processing specialization of the Forestry study programme covers primary woodworking technologies, hydrothermal treatment and protection, engineered wood production technologies, furniture design and manufacture. This specialization is very important for the company as it is the closest one to the company’s business and develops innovative professionals in the field.