04/03/2010 /  Conference “Oaks will Go Green in Lithuania”

On 26 February 2006, in Marijampolė hotel Europa Royale, the Conference “Oaks will Go Green in Lithuania” was held. The main organisers of the conference were Marijampolė County Governor’s Administration, Association of Lithuanian Foresters and Association of Wood Processors. Many reputable persons participated in the Conference, including the Seimas members, representatives of Lithuanian ministries, heads of the Directorate General of State Forests, representatives of the Governors of Lithuanian counties, mayors of the Municipalities of Marijampolė county, coordinators of the areas in the Directorates of State Forests, wood processors, representatives of Private Forests Landowners Association and other guests.

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04/03/2010 /  Several hundred cases of illegal wood cutting were registered in Lithuania

In 2009, the officers of the directorates of state enterprises identified 600 cases of illegal cutting of wood, which resulted in nearly 14000 m3 cut timber.

According to the data of State Forest Survey Service of the Ministry of Environment, the majority of cases of illegal wood cutting occurred in private forests. Last year, 325 cases of illegal cutting were identified in private woods, amounting to around 12000 m3 of timber. It means that 6000 m3 more timber was cut compared to 2008.

Statistical data indicates that the entrepreneurs for their own welfare tend not to take care of Lithuanian forests, which are one of the major assets of Lithuania. The increase in the number of the illegal wood cutting cases implies that this trend can prevail in the future.

22/02/2010 /  A meeting of the Board members of Wood Processors Association took place

On February 5th 2010, a quarterly meeting of the Board members of Wood Processors Association took place. At the Board meeting, UAB Juodeliai was represented by the director Juozupas Zimnickas. One of the key aspects of the meeting was a preparation for the conference on “Oaks will go green in Lithuania“, which will be held on February 25th in Marijampole town. Considering the latter timber industry events, it was agreed once again that the conference was organized opportunely.

The meeting discussed the possibility of improving the rules of trade in round wood. The Board members of Wood Processors Association unanimously agreed that it is appropriate to establish a working group to improve these rules. The Board members of the Association suggested issues that were later discussed at the meeting with the directors of Lithuanian forest enterprises on February 17th.

The member of Wood Processors Association Virgilijus Luotė, who is representing the Association in Technical Committee of Lithuanian Department of Standardization, introduced the attendees of the meeting with the ongoing work. The meeting also discussed other relevant issues related with the Association.

15/02/2010 /  Winter is a season for wood cutting

The work of wood processors was temporarily suspended by the winter cold.  However, low temperatures created good conditions for wood processing work.

Deforestation in Lithuania is the most intensive during winter months. This year’s winter is very friendly for wood processing work, because of the ability to deforest the most waterish areas that are most difficult to operate. During a warm period of the year, wood processing work is almost impossible in those areas.

Wood processors of the country’s forestry enterprises, including the producers of pallet blanks, are supplied timely with the raw material appointed in the contract. It is to be ensured that the supply of raw materials for wood processors would be smooth in spring, as well; accordingly, the wood is stored in the places that are easy to approach.

11/02/2010 /  Raw materials shortage in the market of pallet manufacturers

After slowing down the work of producers of the pallet elements, the January cold has also adversely affected the work of pallet producers. Due to the shortage of raw materials, they are unable to carry out orders. As stated by foreign partners of UAB Juodeliai, about 30% of orders from January currently remain outstanding. Some clients are willing to pay a higher price for pallet boards, expecting faster delivery of products.

Due to thawing weather in early February the work of Lithuanian sawmills has activated. However, the production works in the first weeks of February are assigned to carry out the orders of January. Wood processing companies, including UAB Juodeliai, with obligations to customers since January, takes only a small proportion of new orders. New orders of March are planned to be taken only in the third and fourth weeks of February.