07/04/2010 /  UAB Juodeliai expands the geography of sales and output of its production

For many years of experience working with Western European countries, UAB Juodeliai has established close partnerships with the economically strong countries such as Germany, Belgium, Holland, in which the majority of wood products manufactured in the Company are being exported until now.

The current economic hard times have encouraged the seeking of new export opportunities in other European Union countries. Cooperation relations with such countries as the Czech Republic, Austria, Denmark, Slovenia, Poland, Estonia and France have been established. The increased circle of clients across Europe makes it easier to realize the production, and promotes closer cooperation with transport companies.

The realization markets for the Company‘s production are expanding also in other directions – requests from Turkey, Israel, Greece, United Arab Emirates and other countries are increasing. The demand of the Company‘s wood production, increased due to the market development, resulted in production and sales increase. During the 1st quarter of 2010, UAB Juodeliai produced 13,174 m3 of various pallet blanks (europallets, CP pallets and one-way pallets), i.e. 49,91% more compared with 4th quarter of 2009 (The increase in production volume was partially resulted from reconstruction in the one production department). Most of the production was exported to Western European countries, and only a small part is realized in Lithuania. Total sales of wood blanks equals to 12,956 m3, i.e. 56,46% more compared with 4th quarter of 2009.

06/04/2010 /  Spring melt-water in forests prevents raw material from exporting

After the first quarter of this year, the Company‘s management of UAB Juodeliai is pleased to have successfully fulfilled the agreed obligations to the raw material suppliers. During that time, the Company bought more than 28 thousand cubic meters of sawn round wood, and thus acquired a sufficient quantity of raw material for the successful execution of production. A major part of the total volume of bought production comprised wood from Lithuanian forest enterprises.

At the beginning of the second quarter of this year, the annual spring problem occurs – forest roads that are hard to get through. According to the foresters of the country, a lot of sawn round wood is felled and stored in forest storages, but due to spring melt-water many forest roads are impassable for wood trucks, and some of them are closed temporarily. The passage problem impedes the shipment of sawn round wood.

15/03/2010 /  The growing demand for FSC®-certified products

FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) is an international, non-profit, independent, non-governmental organization. Today, FSC® provides one of the most well-known certification programs for forest and wood industry enterprises. FSC® empowers certification bodies to carry out certification all around the world (in Lithuania, FSC® organization is represented by UAB NEPCon LT). FSC®-accredited certification bodies carry out two types of certification:

  1. Forest management certification; when forest management and operation is evaluated in accordance with the principles and criteria of FSC®.
  2. Certification of origin confirmation; when industrial and commercial enterprises, which process wood, realize wood products or tree seeds and seedlings, etc., are being certified.

The growing demand for FSC®-certified products encourages Lithuanian wood processing companies to implement the requirements of this certificate standards in their production. According to the latest information on international FSC® databases, currently, there are 106 companies with the FSC® certificate in Lithuania (including – 42 state forest enterprises). UAB Juodeliai has currently signed a contract with UAB NEPCon LT (SmartWood accredited representative in Lithuania) and is also preparing procedures for implementation of commercial chain certificate, because many of our customers consider that companies, which supply certified products are more steady, and the quality of products and service is much better.

04/03/2010 /  Conference “Oaks will Go Green in Lithuania”

On 26 February 2006, in Marijampolė hotel Europa Royale, the Conference “Oaks will Go Green in Lithuania” was held. The main organisers of the conference were Marijampolė County Governor’s Administration, Association of Lithuanian Foresters and Association of Wood Processors. Many reputable persons participated in the Conference, including the Seimas members, representatives of Lithuanian ministries, heads of the Directorate General of State Forests, representatives of the Governors of Lithuanian counties, mayors of the Municipalities of Marijampolė county, coordinators of the areas in the Directorates of State Forests, wood processors, representatives of Private Forests Landowners Association and other guests.

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04/03/2010 /  Several hundred cases of illegal wood cutting were registered in Lithuania

In 2009, the officers of the directorates of state enterprises identified 600 cases of illegal cutting of wood, which resulted in nearly 14000 m3 cut timber.

According to the data of State Forest Survey Service of the Ministry of Environment, the majority of cases of illegal wood cutting occurred in private forests. Last year, 325 cases of illegal cutting were identified in private woods, amounting to around 12000 m3 of timber. It means that 6000 m3 more timber was cut compared to 2008.

Statistical data indicates that the entrepreneurs for their own welfare tend not to take care of Lithuanian forests, which are one of the major assets of Lithuania. The increase in the number of the illegal wood cutting cases implies that this trend can prevail in the future.