17/07/2017 /  UAB Juodeliai contributed to Radviliškis’ anniversary celebrations

The 450 years anniversary of Radviliškis town attracted a crowd of cheery visitors who joined a beautiful celebration on July 6 – 8. Wood processing company UAB Juodeliai has also made its contribution as a sponsor of the festival. Apart from the financial support, company representatives participated in the events on all days of the celebration. The festive weekend was packed with sporting events, entertainment for children and musical performances for audiences with all the different tastes in music.

UAB Juodeliai employees and their family members also participated in the running event through the streets of Radviliškis (4.5 km) on July 6. A junior of one of our company’s employees received a medal and a cup from the Town Mayor’s hands for winning the second place in the children’s category.

UAB Juodeliai treated festival visitors with kvass and branded gingerbreads on July 7. Our company representatives also took part in a solemn march through the town streets on the main day of the festival.

Members of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania, representatives of foreign delegations and other guests congratulated the residents and visitors of Radviliškis at the opening ceremony of the event. On the 450th anniversary of Radviliškis, the town has paid tribute the third honorary citizen of the Radviliškis region. On the day of the celebration, residents and guests of Radviliškis were also invited to shop at the Craft Fair.

12/07/2017 /  UAB Juodeliai representative in China

Wood processing company UAB Juodeliai, exports its produce to over 40 countries worldwide. As of 2014 the company has started successfully exporting its produce to China.

With the expansion of the market and the increase in produce quantities, UAB Juodeliai, aiming at closer cooperation with its clients in China, in 2017 signed an agency agreement with Mr. Will Zhang having a reputable position in the Chinese wood sector.

We are happy to have secured this new partnership which will enable us to make the most favourable decisions and gain relevant information with regard to our current and future clients in China.

09/06/2017 /  UAB Juodeliai team participates in the mass run “We Run for Marijampolė”

This was the fourth time the employees of Juodeliai UAB, a wood processing company, participated in “We Run for Marijampolė” event.

More than 600 participants from all around Lithuania joined the run. Over 30 employees of UAB Juodeliai and their family members crossed the finish line at different track distances.

The participants delivered excellent results, winning the 2nd place and taking the honourable 8th and 10th places in their age groups. Six children stood at the start line of a 500 m track. The prize for the youngest participant was also awarded to an offspring of one of the company’s employees.

UAB Juodeliai was marked as the company with the most numerous involvement among the organisations participating annually in the event thus contributing to improvement of Marijampolė city (each year, the remaining funds collected for organisation of the mass run are allocated for the development of the city).

At the same time, it has become a beautiful tradition for the company employees, the precious moments of which have been captured in the photographs.

30/05/2017 /  UAB Juodeliai contributes to supporting volunteer initiatives

As of September 2016, upon renovation, Vilnius University Legal Clinic has been open to public. This clinic provides free legal support for socially vulnerable persons, non-governmental organisations and start-ups. Legal support, with the aid of faculty’s academic staff, professional advocates and lawyers, is provided by VU Legal faculty last year students.

This is a volunteer initiative which is free and indispensable for people who are unable to afford legal services. In the meantime, law students have an excellent opportunity to acquire practical knowledge and to help people. This simultaneously enables developing legal education, helping people better defend their rights, and applying students’ knowledge in practice more efficiently. The initiative is being supported by a number of partners: sponsors, patrons and donors. Wood processing company UAB Juodeliai is one of them.

The year 2016 was highly significant for VU Legal Clinic. It reached a limit of 50,000 legal consultations, and with the help of its sponsors it also renovated its premises and is now ready to flourish and implement its important mission. Renovated and well-kept premises create a more welcoming space to receive people and provide necessary support, while modern technologies enable on-line and distance consultations for people all over Lithuania. In VU Legal Clinic, students will be able to consult people eye-to-eye or via high quality broadcasts and ensure safe exchange of data.

10/05/2017 /  Annual General Meeting of the EPAL National Committee in the Baltic States

The general meeting of the EPAL National Committee in the Baltic States was convened on 21 April of this year, which was also attended by the representative of UAB Juodeliai, a wood processing company.

During the meeting, the participants reviewed the EPAL events, the last year’s operational plan was presented and other issues relevant to the Baltic manufacturers were discussed. The disclosed statistical indicators manifested that the number of the pallets manufactured by the EPAL in 2016 increased by nearly 9 per cent worldwide (producing 80.5 million pallets) as compared to 2015, where production yielded 73.6 million pallets.

UAB Juodeliai membership in the EPAL offered better conditions for communication and more efficient cooperation with other manufacturers of pallet components and wooden pallets.