10/04/2017 /  Annual Audit for FSC® Chain of Custody Compliance at UAB Juodeliai Successfully Completed

From March 15th till 21st 2017, at UAB Juodeliai, a wood processing company, an annual surveillance audit to verify continued compliance with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Chain of Custody certification requirements was conducted. The aim of this audit is to evaluate compliance of company’s activity and processes with FSC® standard requirements. The annual surveillance audit was conducted by UAB NEPCon LT, an FSC international certification body.

The audit started on March 15th 2017 when a representative of the UAB NEPCon Lt visited the headquarters of UAB Juodeliai in Marijampolė. Company’s production units were visited on the other days. Production chain procedures have been reviewed, the due diligence system (DDS) analysis has been conducted and contact with the company’s responsible employees and partners has taken place. At the production units, raw material takings, production, sales and transport document billing and accounting have been inspected.

Upon completion of the annual audit, we would like to emphasize that we appreciate very much both the positive evaluation presented by UAB NEPCon LT auditor and useful comments and recommendations received. They encourage us to go further while improving our activity and obligate to pursue higher quality standards.

30/03/2017 /  Once again UAB Juodeliai Participated in VGTU Career Days 2017

On 16 March 2017, the contact fair Career Days 2017 of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VGTU) took place. Vilnius City Mayor Remigijus Šimašius officially opened the fair and gave a welcome speech.

More than 100 of the top Lithuanian and foreign-owned companies and organisations had their displays at the Career Days where they introduced their operations and working principles, and made some offers for work or training. Young people also had the opportunity to participate in „Speed Business Meetings”.

As usual, for the third year in a row, this event was attended by wood processing company UAB Juodeliai, with its display attracting a large crowd of students and graduates just like in earlier years. Taking part in events like this allows the company to make direct contact with promising young professionals.

15/03/2017 /  Changes in UAB Juodeliai Team

On February 24, wood processing company UAB Juodeliai organised the annual meeting of its administrative staff where the action plans, goals and projects for 2017–2018 were presented. Naturally, the meeting began with the review of the previous year – 2016 – which saw an all-time record turnover of the company amounting to 35 million Euros.

The company would have never achieved these record figures without its team of employees that continued to grow and develop in the previous year. In February 2017, the company introduced a new position of Finance Director and Director to improve the structure of management. Saulius Bitinas who has a long-term experience in top managing positions became the director of UAB Juodeliai and from now on will be directly responsible for the daily operations of the company and achievement of set goals.

The second part of the meeting was dedicated to the lecture given by yachtsman Paulius Kovas who shared his experiences on how one should act at sea and in everyday business illustrating his story with photographs, movies and recollections from his trip around the world in the yacht Ambersail.

22/02/2017 /  UAB Juodeliai listed as a Nominee of the “Gazelle 2016” Awards

It has become a tradition of “Verslo žinios” to run the international “Gazelle” competition in an effort to encourage the competitiveness of small and medium enterprises and to award the fastest-growing businesses. On February 10 this year, the winner of the competition was honoured as the national and regional leader who has seen the fastest growth during the 2012 – 2015 period.

The winner of the contest was congratulated by Her Excellency Dalia Grybauskaitė, the President of the Republic of Lithuania. According to her, the success of small and medium enterprises is key to the economic and social wellbeing of the whole country and especially its regions.

Almost 4,000 enterprises were nominated in the “Gazelle 2016” competition. Wood processing company UAB Juodeliai was once more included into the list of nominees of “Gazelle 2016” (previously – in 2013 and 2015), and in 2012 it was nominated as the fastest-growing enterprise in the Marijampolė region.

10/02/2017 /  UAB Juodeliai became a Member of the Investors’ Forum Association

In January this year, wood processing company UAB Juodeliai became a member of the Investors’ Forum Association. The Investors’ Forum is a voluntary, totally independent and self-managed business association of the largest and most active investors in the Lithuanian economy. Mission of the association: to improve the business environment and investment climate in Lithuania, through cooperation with public institutions and the business community.

For the fifth consecutive year, the Investors’ Forum is holding an annual forum with the Government as well as meetings/working dinners with the President of the Republic of Lithuania, Chair of the Parliament, members of the Parliament, Prime Minister, Ministers of Economy, Finance, Labor and Social affairs, representatives of the Bank of Lithuania, International Monetary Fund, and the Mayor of Vilnius, which has already become a tradition.

The association has been active for eighteen years (founded in 1999) and currently unites over 50 members, the main goal of its activities is rational and business-friendly solutions. UAB Juodeliai has been a member of the Investor’s Forum association since 2017.