11/12/2015 /  Nearly All the Offered Wood was Bought in Wood Auctions during the First Half of 2016

During the period from November 26th to December 1st of this year, offers were submitted for the purchasing of round timber in auctions in order to create contracts for the first half of 2016 as well as long-term contracts via the round timber electronic trading system (AMEPS).

Auction results for the first half of 2016 demonstrate that as much as 94 percent of the round timber from state-owned land that was offered for sale was bought. The remaining 6 percent consists of just small amounts of different types of wood, for which the purchase offers were not submitted. In total, 1,500 round timber purchase offers were submitted.

The results of these efficiently-run auctions demonstrate that the demand for round timber is growing. The rising demand for fuel timber, board timber, and waste from wood cutting is one of the indicators showing that the timber produced in state-owned land is in demand and its quality is consistent with the standard requirements and the expectations of the country’s wood processers. The wood processing company UAB Juodeliai has won sufficient amounts of wood for its needs, and this will ensure continuous production.

12/11/2015 /  UAB Juodeliai took part in Pie Day initiative

This year, the team of the wood processing company UAB Juodeliai joined the largest support project “Išsipildymo Akcija” (Eng. “Dreams Come True Initiative”), organized by television broadcasters, and a public initiative inspired by it – the Pie Day, which is already popular among business companies, education institutions, and communities. The initiative has already become a tradition and it is celebrated more widely each year.

On November 6, the majority of the company’s employees rushed to work with their home-baked pies, which they were then selling to their colleagues for an agreed price, and the money raised was given to the “Išsipildymo Akcija 2015” project, intended to help disadvantaged children.

UAB Juodeliai team is glad to be able to participate in a meaningful initiative and help the ill children. Each piece of pie brings us a step closer to the fulfillment of the disadvantaged children’s dreams. In addition to the main idea of this initiative, our team has also tested its cooking abilities and experienced great emotions while spending time together and working for a noble goal.

29/10/2015 /  UAB Juodeliai Employees Participated in Conflict and Stress Management Trainings

Every year, a team of employees of a wood processing company UAB Juodeliai takes part in the company‘s internal trainings.This year, the trainings called “Conflict and Stress Management” were held on October 16-17. During two days, the causes of conflicts, conflict prevention, stress management and emotions rising during a conflict were discussed.The trainings were led by Arvydas Būta, manager of leadership training programs at the ISM Executive School, Doctor of Social Sciences.

This year, UAB Juodeliai trainings especially focused on well-defined corporate values that are based on real work situations.The emphasis was put on the company‘s values and how they are reflected in everyday business activity when communicating both with colleagues and external partners. Well-established corporate values have a significant impact and help to maintain a harmonious, productive, efficient, stress-free, and conflict-free work environment based on a team spirit.Common values and their perception also contribute to the prevention of conflicts.

During these internal trainings UAB Juodeliai employees gained new knowledge, interesting experience and ideas about innovative conflict management practises that will have a positive impact on the work with clients and partners.

16/10/2015 /  UAB Juodeliai has reached the second stage in the competition I love my company

The wood processing company UAB Juodeliai, having participated in a social project-competition I Love My Company for the third year in sucession, proceeded to the second stage and competed for the title of the most favourite company. In each category, five companies scoring the largest number of votes were selected by general vote, letting them pass to the next stage.

Even though we did not win the main prize, we enjoy the achieved result—we were ranked among the 28 companies that presented love in the most creative way. This year, a total 77 companies participated in the competition.

By traditionally participating in this competition and without any regards to the achieved result, we once again declare publicly and at the top of our voice that employees of UAB Juodeliai love their company, their team of colleagues, and their work.

Thanks to everyone who voted!

24/09/2015 /  UAB Juodeliai Team is Participating in the Competition “I Love My Company”

Third year in a row wood processing company UAB Juodeliai is participating in a social project, the competition I Love My Company. This year the companies are divided into six categories according to the number of employees. UAB Juodeliai is competing in the category “L” (250-999 employees). Five companies getting the most votes will proceed to the next stage in each category. The most loved companies of 2015 will be selected by the commission in overall majority. Six companies will become winners, one in each category.

From 23 September until 7 October sympathies could be paid to UAB Juodeliai by participating in general voting. Please do not hesitate to vote and support our company in the competition.