15/01/2016 /  UAB Juodeliai staff organized a Christmas initiative in cooperation with the charity and support foundation Juodeliai & Co

For several years in a row, the staff of the wood processing company UAB Juodeliai has announced December the Month of Angels. All of November, the team of the company was making Angels of various forms, materials, and styles. This year, the charity and support foundation Juodeliai & Co dedicated the Month of Angels to the fostering of good will.

On December 19, the staff of UAB Juodeliai sold their angels at the Marijampolė Christmas fair, where the residents of Marijampolė purchased them for symbolic donations. The company also encouraged their pre-holiday season visitors, clients and partners, to join the initiative.

Since the aim of the charity and support foundation Juodeliai & Co is the education of youth and stimulation of employment, the team decided to ask for the help of another charity and support foundation Rugutė and use the money raised to fulfill the dream of Domantas, a severely ill boy who wished to have a computer that would help him to be mobile and social.

On January 12, 2016, Domantas, his family, and the head of the charity and support foundation Rugutė visited the office of UAB Juodeliai in Marijampolė, where they met the company’s managers and employees. During this meeting, Domantas received a laptop. The charity and support foundation Juodeliai & Co has plans to hold the same initiative in 2016.

23/12/2015 /  Grow through 2016

Grow through 2016

15/12/2015 /  Developing Successful Cooperation in Asia

The wood processing company UAB Juodeliai closely cooperates with many countries in the world (with 85% exports). While the market for the company’s production has been expanding, cooperation is being developed in Asia as well. Having started there three years ago, the cooperation is being successfully developed, and in 2015, more than 15 percent of the total company’s production (almost 20,000 m3/month) was sold to countries such as the United Arab Emirates, India, China, Saudi Arabia, Israel, South Korea, Algeria, Tunisia, and others.

As many as 146 different positions were sold, i.e., 65 new measures (as compared to 2014), which were manufactured based on special orders by partners abroad. As of today, over 30 permanent partners are counted and this is in continuous growth. As compared to 2014, the sales to Asia has doubled.

A special newly-discovered product processing technique has contributed greatly to this growth, allowing to ensure the quality that meets the client’s standards, which is one of the most important factors for successful cooperation. Next year, UAB Juodeliai expects to maintain its partners’ trust and ensure the impeccable quality of its production.

11/12/2015 /  Nearly All the Offered Wood was Bought in Wood Auctions during the First Half of 2016

During the period from November 26th to December 1st of this year, offers were submitted for the purchasing of round timber in auctions in order to create contracts for the first half of 2016 as well as long-term contracts via the round timber electronic trading system (AMEPS).

Auction results for the first half of 2016 demonstrate that as much as 94 percent of the round timber from state-owned land that was offered for sale was bought. The remaining 6 percent consists of just small amounts of different types of wood, for which the purchase offers were not submitted. In total, 1,500 round timber purchase offers were submitted.

The results of these efficiently-run auctions demonstrate that the demand for round timber is growing. The rising demand for fuel timber, board timber, and waste from wood cutting is one of the indicators showing that the timber produced in state-owned land is in demand and its quality is consistent with the standard requirements and the expectations of the country’s wood processers. The wood processing company UAB Juodeliai has won sufficient amounts of wood for its needs, and this will ensure continuous production.